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About Us

Our Commitment to You
Our philosophy is modest. Community Believe provides care, comfort, fun and safety that individuals deserve. At community Believe, each day promises an exciting activity, and we make sure each individual experiences the joys of a truly caring environment. We offer community based programmes that provide supervision and assistance with the activities of daily living to adults in a protective group setting.
Our services are to provide opportunities to meet others in a supportive environment, enabling you to enjoy your independence and get involved in a range of group or person centred activities. The service caters for different needs and is able to adapt activities to suit both your interest and ability. Many people attend everyday, taking advantage of the wide variety of activities across multiple places within the day care, whilst others attend once or twice a week for specific interests, or to meet with friends.

Our Team Vision:
Our vision at community Believe is to provide care and support to people with learning disabilities.Our aim is to help people with individual needs, living their lives through choice, respect, dignity and independence.
We take the extra step, every day, and we achieve this with commitment, passion and enthusiasm for everyone that we support.
Community believe strive constantly to benchmark the quality of our service against the expectation of our clients, parents, family members, local authority commissioners and deliver continuous improvement at all levels.
We listen and respond with respect, empathy and show dignity to everyone that we support; this enables us to shape services that are person centred, which promote independence, empowerment and autonomy.
We focus to enable people with learning disabilities to reach beyond expectations by providing personalised support with purposeful activity and by creating new opportunities for them to lead fulfilling lives in their own community at their own pace.

Community Believe:
•    Focus on improving and developing
•    Provide quality care, support and hospitality
•    Have experienced staff with on-going training
•    Our environment is warm and homely.
•    Our evidence based practice and commitment has continuous improvement.
•    We have meaningful partnerships with the people we support, commissioners and stakeholders.
Our values at Community Believe:
•    We strive to create a safe, friendly and caring environment, where people are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.

•    Working together, we encourage the right to independence, by givingpeople the power to make their own choices in order to achieve their aspirations and live meaningful lives.

•    We actively listen and respond to the people we support, promoting a culture of belongingness.

•    We recognise that our staffs are our greatest asset. We actively promote a culture of learning and development – supporting our staff to be the best that they can be.

We believe that:
•    We all have the right to share in the life of the community
•    Everyone has the right to aspire
•    We all need to feel safe, encouraged and valued
•    Everything we do should inspire trust and confidence
•    Understanding individual needs takes time and care
•    Our commitment to high standards must underpin all that we do.
•    The voice of people with learning disabilities and their families must be heard.

What we offer
We have created a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where people can join in as much, or as little, as they want to. Our day centre, welcomes everyone who needs our services – women and men of different ethnic backgrounds, faiths and cultures, with widely varying life experiences. We recognise that each of our clients has different interests and needs, and that these can change from time to time, hence we cater according to their needs. We provide regular day outs in order to reduce isolation and encourage socialising.
Community Believe Day centre has a warm, friendly, safe and stimulating environment and offers range of services for adults (16+),
Our Day Care Centre provides a friendly and stimulating change for our clients with opportunities to meet other people, maintain an active social life, participate in a varied range of activities and improve their general quality of life; while being cared for by professionally qualified and experienced carersin a safe and welcoming environment, and being able to maintain their independence by continuing to live in their own homes. Our staffs are there to provide any advice needed to give peace of mind to you, your family and carers to make day-to-day life easier.

Our aim
•    To be a place of warmth, respect and hospitality where all senior citizens are welcomed irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation, social class or other such irrelevant factors.
•    To promote healthy ageing and lifelong learning through a variety of targeted activities, exercise and learning opportunities.
•    To enable all our clients to live with choice, independence and dignity.
•    To give all our clients an active voice in the running of the services provided.