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Our service

Community Believe gives adults with learning and physical disabilities, with autism, people with sensory loss the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and take part in meaningful activities which are outcome focussed.

We aim to significantly improve the quality of life of the people that we support, Service offered:

We create stimulating and engaging activities for people with range of different needs and abilities. Activities include:

  • Music
  • Health and beauty
  • Sewing
  • Gardening and growing
  • Cooking
  • Art & Craft

And Lots more….

All of our day services….

Offer a safe and supportive place where people are encouraged and supported to get involved in activities which suit their needs and meet their agreed outcomes as identified in their support plan.

Person centred care

Community Believe promotes a person-centred approach to caring for the adults, providing an environment that will stimulate and entertain our clients. our centres facilitate different activities including beauty sessions, painting, jewellery making, classic movie shows, gardening, musical sessions, board games, sing along, card games and Wii games amongst lots of other activities.

We promise………………………….

We are committed to improving the lives of the people we support. Our person-centred approach puts the individual at the centre of all our activity-whether that involves providing day to day support or advocating for individual on matter that directly affect them. We are committed to offering choices, independency, dignity, respect and promoting the rights of people with learning disabilities.

Our staff genuinely care about every guest who comes into the centre and each guest is made to feel welcome, cared for and included in every aspect of the day. With a person-centred approach to caring our guests are able to decide for themselves which activities they would like to partake in (if any) and are made to feel like they can go about their day.

  • We offer a caring & friendly environment with professional care in a relaxed manner
  • We promote independent living
  • We offer transport to & from home
  • We provide restaurant quality meals
  • We do trips including taking our guests to do their shopping
  • It is the perfect place for elderly people to socialise, interact and meet new people

What Person centred care means to Us

  • People centred – our focus is on those who use our services, their families and carers, our staff, partners and other providers – these people determine and drive all we do.
  • Empowering – our staff are empowered to make decisions that affect their lives and work, they are consulted about the best way of working and about change. We treat everyone equally, fairly and with respect.
  • Challenging – we are a learning organisation, we aim for continuous improvement and listen to ideas and suggestions for development and improvement. We challenge existing perceptions of learning disability and the limitations placed on those with learning disabilities by society.
  • Transforming – we seek to make a difference to people’s lives; for service users and their families, this means radically improving their life experience for the better – for our staff it means investing in each individual to maximise their potential and achieve the very best they can.
  • Being brave – we aim to encourage innovation, creativity and flexibility and are prepared to take risks in responding to opportunities that achieve our vision and mission.

Promoting positive views – we influence others and draw on proven best practice to inform ways in which we support people with learning disabilities and their families.