Jobs and Careers

We provide comprehensive training to all workers. This includes e-learning, live workshops, and in-house training and mentoring on topics that are relevant to the people we help. As part of our induction, we have all the regular training courses, such as first aid, safeguarding, MCA/DOLS, health & safety, medicine, COSHH, and infection prevention. Our additional training courses would be useful to you.


As an organisation, we provide:

  • Competitive hourly rates / wages
  • Opportunities to move up the organization's talent ladder
  • Integrated training programme
  • Involvement in consultative committees to make your voice heard
  • Incentives and appreciation
  • Confidence
  • Empowerment and accountability
  • Staff-only activities and events

Career development


Our induction programme serves as a basis for the relationship between the employer and the employee. We will arrange for an experienced member of staff to assist you in understanding who we are, your position, agreed working methods, and meeting new colleagues. This will help you to cope with any stress or anxiety that might be associated with your new career, allowing you to ‘hit the ground running’.


Our supervisors can benefit you by offering sound guidance and emotional support, as well as listening to any problems or concerns you might have, by holding one-on-one conversations. Consequently, motivation, attitude, actions, and ability growth will grow, promoting healthy relationships.


Our evaluations will enable you to track and control your performance expectations. This is where we will discuss your goals and aspirations for the coming year. It will assist you in determining your specific training needs as well as the resources you will need to be fully successful in your position.

We promote as much learning as possible at Community Believe. We know that people learn and absorb knowledge in several ways, which is why we have built a dynamic online-learning platform with a variety of media. You can take your time, learn at your own speed, and access the material from any location in the world.

Class-room style

Our classroom training sessions satisfy the need for human interaction, allowing you to not only learn in a face-to-face setting, but also discuss, debate, and communicate with other learners.