Quality assurance at Community Believe.

  • We listen to the views and experiences of people who use our services.
  • We do weekly meetings to find ways to improve weaknesses.
  • Regular training sessions for all staff.
  • We receive feedback from the people who use our services and implement robust systems to monitor our standards.

Our promise to you

By putting the individual at the centre of care, whether that involves providing day to day support to discuss our strength and weaknesses. By getting feedback from the people who use our services and implement robust systems to monitor our standards. Our biggest driving factor is to improve the lives of people who uses our service by providing day to day support or advocating for individual on matters that directly affect them. We are devoted to offering choices, independency, dignity, respect and promoting the rights of people with learning disabilities and mental health.

Our staffs genuinely care about every individual. Every individualis made to feel welcome, cared for and included in every aspect of the day. With a person-centred approach, our clients are able to decide for themselves which activities they would like to partake in (if any) and are made to feel like they can go about their day.

  • We offer a caring & friendly environment with professional care in a relaxed manner
  • We promote independency living
  • We offer transport to & from home
  • We do trips out including taking our clients to do their shopping

The Team

The staffs are trained to a high standard;our team is qualified and well trained. All staff has NVQ qualification, LDAF level 2, 3. We have ongoing training and regular supervision provided to or staff.

  • Range of qualification
  • LDAF level 2 and 3
  • Level 3 in Health and Social Care
  • NVQ Level 2 & 3
  • Level 5 in Health and Social Care
  • Additional training

Community Believe values the unique contribution of each member of staff and develops their full potential through a commitment to training and education. This is displayed through the high quality of service delivery. The team works very closely with Social Workers, GPs, and more.

The care provided at both of our centre is of the very highest standards and is carried out by staffs that are highly experienced, motivated and qualified in caring for people. Ours is, we believe, a new approach to community care, where emphasis is placed on what the individual client wishes to do and how they want to use the activities and facilities that are provided throughout the day.

We work in partnership with people with learning disabilities, mental health and family carers, recognising that they are the real experts and that their stories and life experiences should be central to developing and sharing good practice.

  • We will make sure that people with learning disabilities and mental health are kept safe from abuse and neglect and are able to be independent and make choices.
  • We believe that communication is a basic right and will work in ways that ensure that individuals’ means of communication are supported and valued.
  • We are committed to developing the values, knowledge, skills and competencies of all those who support people with a mental health and learning disabilities.
  • As an organisation, we will be person centred and value our staff so that they can value the people we serve.
  • We are open to changing the way we work if this means that more people with learning disabilities can have better lives through what we do.

"Hope begins at Community Believe"