We are continually seeking to improve: to learn, and make the right choices. We are good at what we do, yet we believe there is room for growth.

  • Person-centred and tailored
  • Constructive approaches
  • Inclusion in its purest sense, shaping opportunities to meet diverse needs while maintaining fair access to everyone.
  • Partnerships, Rights, Resilience, Reflective Practice, and Reducing Constraints are all strengths-based approaches, not deficit models.
  • Looking beyond the impairment – empathic, non-judgmental, and motivating.
  • Meeting people where they are – colleagues should change their approach and be versatile.
  • Meeting people where they are – colleagues should change their approach and be versatile.
  • ‘To take a new approach to care’.

Individual care packages are given to adults with learning disabilities, mental health, or physical disabilities in their own families within the local community by Community Believe.

We put each person at the core of everything we do, and create support packages to support individual needs.

Nothing we deliver, do, or provide will be possible without your or your representative's direct feedback.

Our colleagues


Colleagues-Simply put, they make it all happen. We look for people who are sincere in their empathy and compassion, as well as who share our values. We are committed to helping each of them advance in their careers by creating, encouraging, and inspiring them.

We take pride in ensuring that every member of staff has a comprehensive training schedule that allows them to achieve their full potential, as well as providing training days for colleagues.

We pay attention to our colleagues. We continually encourage them to look for ways to change the care we offer and the way it is provided on a regular basis, to generate new ideas, and make suggestions. We collaborate closely with them to make those ideas a reality.

All of this contributes to the creation of a unique environment in which employees feel truly appreciated, supported, and empowered to make a positive difference.

Our Purpose

‘We want to be the best at all we do.'

The main goal of Community Believe is to improve the lives of vulnerable adults. We contribute to this by ensuring that all our experiences are constructive, our skills and qualities are of the highest quality, and that we support others in establishing meaningful and warm relationships.

The secondary goal is for us to be able to have fun.